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Some are born with perfect skin. Others achieve perfect skin with just simple maintenance. Most of us, however, need to work a little harder to get the ideal complexion which we are hoping to achieve. 

That hard work is made up of Internal and External care.  Sugar & Swank can help with the external care of your skin – quality products and regular facials – but the internal care is up to you. 
Following are some suggestions of how to best care for you skin from the inside, but be sure to ask your doctor first before making any big changes or decisions with regards to your health.
Drink Lots of Water
Diet doctors have been telling us to drink enough water for years and it turns out their advice is right on.  Our bodies are like a stream - when short on water neither flow and any debris they collect gets stuck.  The debris may eventually work its way through, but only very slowly.  When water again collects, the flow begins to run and any gunk filters out quickly and easily.  Plus, if we want our skin to look full, plump and hydrated we need to make sure the cells are full, plump and hydrated.  The best way to do this is to feed them water.
Take Your Oils
Another easy way to plump up those cells is by making sure your diet is full of enough Omega-3 Free Fatty Acids.  The two main sources for these types of oils are through:
Flax Seeds - ground is best and can be added to yogurt, salads, salad dressing or smoothies 
Flax Oil - Try one that is flavored and add to yogurt or a smoothie
Fish Oil
Fresh Fish - highest sources are salmon, herring, mackerel and sardines. 
Supplemental Fish Oil Liquid or Capsules
Other Sources:
English walnuts
Flax oil
Flax seed (ground)
Hemp "milk"
Hemp oil
Hemp seed / hemp nut (ground)
Olive oil
Leafy green vegetables
Pumpkin seeds
Soybean oil
Other Oils to Ask Your Doctor About:
CO-Q 10
Evening Primrose Oil
Vitamin D
Eat Whole Foods
Fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables, lean proteins - these are foods that feed your cells and you will see the effects of eating them right on the surface of your skin.  But make sure your body actually gets the nutrients you ingest.  You can do this by masticating your food at least 20 times before swallowing and by taking digestive enzymes.
Talk to your doctor about what kind of digestive enzymes would work best for your body.
Get Tested for Food Sensitivities
Food sensitivities aren't always extreme. Sometimes they show up in sneaky, less obvious ways than a rash or swelling. Food sensitivities might simply cause the skin to break out. Have a naturopath test to see if food sensitivities might be affecting you.
Skip the Antibiotics and Try the Probiotics
Many of us have been on antibiotics so often and for so long that all the bacteria in our bodies, good or bad, is gone.  Good news that the bad bacteria is gone, but bad news about the good because we need good bacteria!  Our bodies use it to fight nasty invaders.  Ask your doctor about healthy ways to replenish your body with probiotics.  You will be shocked and excited by the positive changes you see.
Ask Sugar & Swank for more information or contact Naturopath Karen Coshow at Wedgewood Natural Medicine for expert advice.  206.523.9000.




"I have had acne ever since I can remember. I've been to dermatologists, estheticians and even tried the magic ProActiv but nothing worked well enough to clear my skin. I finally went to see Jennifer Muscatel at Sugar & Swank I and I'm so glad I did! She approached the situation in a whole new light. She asked me what medicines I take, what make-up I use and what foods I eat in order to get a whole picture!

Since getting regular facials with Jennifer I have had much clearer skin and far fewer breakouts. Plus the Sugar & Swank make-up is helping keep my skin clear and covers any scarring so well. I feel so much more beautiful. Thank You Sugar & Swank!"


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